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It is the best time to buy a house since 2007 with buyers continuing to flock to the property market to take advantage of the favourable mortgage lending conditions. In fact, the latest property data from FNB indicates that mortgage lending continues to improve.

Can I move? Alert Level 4 rules for tenants and landlords

South Africa's lockdown is set to move to Alert Level 4 tomorrow, 1 May. The latest Regulations relating to the Schedule of Services and Framework of Sectors was gazetted and released late on Wednesday night, 29 April. They repeal all previous Regulations issued in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic dealing with the forced lockdown in South Africa. The new Regulations speak only to Alert Level 4 from 01 May 2020. But it's not as clear cut as all of South Africa moving to Alert Level 4.

Property market ending 2019 on ‘stable footing’

The South African economy has experienced “promising, positive movement” in the second half of 2019 following a slowdown in markets over the past year. The encouraging market sentiment also bodes well for the country to avoid a possible debt rating downgrade when Moody’s reviews the economy in November.

Biggest mistakes sellers make

All indications are that it will remain a buyer’s market for a while longer, yet your new client insist on putting a premium price on their beloved family home. Overpricing is one of the biggest mistakes that sellers make, here are a few more with some expert advice on what to do.

Tips for buying and selling property in a slow market

The latest economic and property data points to a prolonged period of slow activity for the remainder of the year. But, while slower, there is still plenty of deals being done

Predictions for SA's residential property market in 2019

Due to the uncertainty pertaining to land reform policies, 2018 has not been a great year for the property market. However, there are those that think the worst is over and that once we have put the elections behind us, we will start to see things improving, both for the property market and the economy at large.

Will estate agents survive the digital age?

During the past decade, fundamental shifts in the real estate industry have irrevocably changed the way business is conducted, and ongoing technological advances are on the brink of completely transforming the local industry, but there are conflicting schools of thought regarding its new direction.

Watch out for these property buying and selling scams

Buying and selling property is a complex process, made all the more daunting by a multitude of potential pitfalls that can compromise a sale, but even more perilous is the proliferation of brazen fraudsters whose increasingly sophisticated scams are not only fleecing buyers and sellers, but also property practitioners.

New Home Owners Not Liable For Historical Debt

Cape Town – The Constitutional Court on Tuesday ruled that new home owners are not liable for historical debt taken over from previous owners.